Apex Legends Season 6 Giving Loba Some Much-Needed Buffs

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 6 is little more than 24 hours away, and as usual, fans are incredibly eager to get their hands on some new content.

While rumors of a third map to join Kings Canyon and World’s Edge appear to have been incorrect, the usual addition of a new hero (you can read all about Rampart over here) as well as a weapon, heaps of cosmetics and bespoke gameplay features have all been confirmed to be arriving tomorrow, the latter of which – crafting – should prove to singlehandedly trigger a drastic shake up to the existing metagame.

Beyond all of that, however, one highly anticipated component of each season is the laundry list of adjustments and fixes that Respawn makes to existing members of Apex‘s cast in an effort to push up their pick rate and effectiveness on the battlefield. One character recently confirmed to getting such treatment this time around is Loba.

Despite a strong start, the High Society Thief’s popularity quickly tanked over the course of Fortune’s Favor, where she now sits as one of the weakest on the roster. According to senior game designer Daniel Klein, however, steps are being taken to remedy that somewhat in Season 6, though fans expecting anything major will want to check their expectations at the door.

Responding to one person’s question over on Reddit, Klein says that Respawn has “a little it of a buff coming for [Loba] in 6.0, but it’s not much,” admitting that, as of right now, the team is “limited technically” by what it can do. Klein doesn’t specify what, exactly, is prohibiting the rollout of more extensive tweaks, though does hint that more extensive changes could include a buff to her Black Market Boutique ultimate ability. Not the immediate fix you were perhaps hoping for, then, though it’s reassuring to know that the developer is aware of Loba’s underperforming nature.

As for the immediate future, Apex Legends Season 6 kicks off tomorrow, August 18th. See here for everything we know so far.