Apex Legends Reveals Big New Feature For Season 6

Apex Legends

In case you missed the big news yesterday, Apex Legends Season 6 finally has an official name. Simply called Boosted, Respawn Entertainment’s reveal trailer showed little in the way of new features or content, but what fans were privy to was the first look at a new playable character. As has been the case with many combatants released over the last year or so, data miners have uncovered references to Rampart numerous times in the past in unused game files, though she certainly looks quite different than her initial concept art.

Regardless, the official Season 6 page describes this latest roster addition as an “expert modder” renowned for her ferocity in underground fight clubs and a keen eye for mechanical wizardry, to boot. In fact, it very much looks as if Rampart’s skills will directly tie into a brand new feature being debuted with Season 6: crafting.

How exactly the mechanic will work, Respawn has yet to say, though we do know that players will be able to collect different materials around each map and use them to build various contraptions. What isn’t clear, on the other hand, is how expansive crafting will be. There are, after all, many different directions the developer can go, though at the very least, we’d imagine that you’ll be able to construct your own weapons and armor.

Given that standard loot in Kings Canyon and World’s Edge is semi-randomized, jury-rigging together any of the battle royale’s existing weapons could prove to be a powerful bad luck mitigation tool. What’ll be interesting to see, then, is if attachments, gadgets and even ammo types will be manufacturable.

Apex Legends Season 6 kicks off later this month, August 18th, and you can expect Respawn to share a whole lot more in the weeks leading up to launch, so stay tuned.