Apex Legends Leak Reveals Several Potential New Characters

Apex Legends Wattson

Is Apex Legends Season 3 finally going to buck the trend of only one new character arriving every three months?

Nobody but Respawn knows the answer to that question, though recent leaks seem to heavily imply that to be the case. As per a document provided to seasoned Apex data miner That1MiningGuy by an individual who recently visited the studio, it appears that several new heroes are currently in varying stages of development for the battle royale.

Before we dive headfirst down the rabbit hole, however, check out the leak in question below. It’s a doozy.

Where do we even begin in unpacking the contents of this revealing slip of paper? Well, the presence of newcomer Crypto is a good jumping-off point. The computer hacker responsible for roping his co-stars into venturing to new map World’s Edge is now available in-game. He, along with Revenant and Loba, is listed as being in production on the memo, implying that either character is intended to be next to join the shooter’s existing cast.

The supposed schedule of events certainly lines up with current goings-on, too, what with Apex‘s upcoming Halloween event rumored to introduce the former as the host of a so-called ‘Fight or Fright’ limited-time affair. As for Loba, this is the first time we’ve heard (or seen) of the fighter, so speculating any further on that front is difficult, to say the least.

In regards to the remaining characters, two potential roster additions, Rampart and Valk, are said to be in Alpha testing, with a footnote adorning each stating “Near being locked down – highest priority feedback.” The final section, labelled “Future characters,” lists long-rumored Titanfall 2 villain Blisk, Downfall and two placeholders outlining a further two combatants. Given that Crypto is the only individual on the agenda to have so far released, however, fans should temper expectations as far as release dates are concerned.

As always, there’s a very real chance that what you see here might never make it into Apex Legends and ultimately, only time will tell. Watch this space for more.