First Screenshots From Apex Legends Halloween Event Leak Online

Apex Legends Season 3

Respawn Entertainment has been working overtime on Apex Legends as of late.

Earlier this week, the developer finally delivered one of the battle royale’s most requested features in the form of a new map. Introduced alongside Season 3: Meltdown, World’s Edge is set worlds away (literally) from its predecessor and boasts a primordial ecosystem of glaciers and lava-filled underground caverns. Beyond environmental hazards, though, excellent new points of interest such as a functioning cargo train and steam-spewing geysers are commonplace and make for a terrific change of pace over Apex‘s original setting.

Speaking of Kings Canyon, while Respawn has seemingly retired the war zone, for now, as a standard map, it appears as if players will be returning to its borders sooner than first thought. As you might’ve heard, the next event scheduled to arrive in-game is a Halloween affair titled Fight or Fright. We’ve yet to learn of all the goodies included therein, but data miners have already uncovered a wealth of details.

Among them is the discovery of what appears to be an alternate version of Kings Canyon – Shadowfall – that’s believed to be the event’s staging ground. Check it out below, courtesy of Shrugtal.

As always, it’s worth mentioning that not everything discovered in the depths of Apex Legends‘ code is confirmed to appear in the live game, but I have a hard time believing otherwise in this case. After all, the monstrous Leviathans are known to roam Kings Canyon and the presence of what appears to be a zombified (or very sick) version of the beasts above all but confirm the map’s return. The spooky new look for Wraith on display above is undoubtedly an event-limited skin, too.

That about covers everything revealed in this particular leak, though those hungering for more details can keep reading about the potential appearance of another new character and Apex Legends‘ first dedicated PvE mode over here. Enjoy!