Apex Legends Season 3 Launch Trailer Reveals New Map World’s Edge

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 3 is out next week and to celebrate, Respawn has unleashed its official launch trailer. As has been the case in the past with big content releases, today’s video adopts a slick cel-shaded aesthetic and features the entire ensemble of heroes from the wise-cracking Mirage to newcomer Crypto. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning too, that finally, following a fortnight of hints, leaks and teasers, a brand new map for the battle royale has finally been revealed. Before we dive in and unpack everything showcased though, do yourselves a favor and check out the sublimely-animated cinematic above.

Looks amazing, right? Fans, it seems, were right on the money when they suspected an icier climate for Kings Canyon’s replacement. Officially called World’s Edge, this inhospitable tundra is situated on planet Talos (not Psamanthe, as some theorists believed) and features what appears to be a gigantic crystalline structure at its centre.

Now, chances are that not everything depicted on-screen will translate at a 1:1 ratio in-game due to artistic liberties, but one landmark that players will almost certainly be able to scour for loot is a gargantuan cargo train. Expect the locomotive to be a hotly-contested section of the map when the dropship lands on World’s Edge next week.

Rounding out the remaining points of interest are what appear to be steam-spewing geysers and cavernous regions filled with skin-melting magma. The former, as spectacularly showcased by Octane, appears to function as a means of traversal around the map while the lava-covered underground will surely be home to all sorts of environmental hazards.

And that’s that. With today’s announcement, Respawn has finally delivered on a feature fans have been requesting since launch and we can’t wait to explore Apex Legends‘ new map first-hand on October 1st. See you there!