New Apex Legends Map Changes Seemingly Tease Season 3

Apex Legends

Apex Legends‘ third season should arrive sometime in early October, but players have already started noticing hints around the Kings Canyon map that may be teasing big changes to come. Experienced gamers will remember that towards the end of Season 1, the barriers in the map that protected it from wildlife were removed, allowing flyers to enter.

They were eventually repaired by new Legend Wattson, making her introduction in Season 2. It seems that Respawn might be trying the same tactic once more now, with players spotting construction flags at the Shattered Forest campsite. In addition to this, there are also brand new warning signs telling folks to “Stay Out. This is a secure quadrant. Digitally surveilled. Patrolled by contractors. Violators will be prosecuted.”

So, what could this mean? Well, Respawn have explained that each new season of the game will bring a new Legend, a new weapon and a “takeover’ of the map. Recent leaks from the GameStop Conference in Nashville have confirmed that Crypto will be the Season 3 launch character, with the new weapon being Titanfall‘s Charge Rifle.

Based on that, it’s possible these signs could tie into Crypto’s introduction. He’s been described as a surveillance expert, after all, which seems like it may be referenced in the signs saying that the area is digitally surveilled. Perhaps his secret base from which he’s been spying on the rest of the map is located here?

As is traditional for Apex Legends, expect data-miners to be thoroughly combing through every last one of the game’s files for a hint of what’s coming down the pipeline. After a disappointing first season, the second outing brought a lot of players back to the battle royale (though the recent lootbox controversy turned many back off). Let’s hope Season 3 proves to be a hit, then, as right now the last thing this game needs is more disappointed fans.