Apex Legends’ Next New Character Is Wattson, Coming Next Month


While Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts took the world by storm this year with the launch of Apex Legends, the initial hype surrounding the brand new battle royale began to die off. Thanks to plenty of cheaters, some unfortunate glitches, and what others described as “stale gameplay,” enthused fans quickly shuffled back to other popular genre stalwarts.

However, as of late, Respawn has been taking great strides to clean up and polish the overall experience, and it looks like the minds behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (it’s hard to believe the same studio worked on both of these) has big plans in store for Apex devotees.

During the lead up to the game’s second season, there’s been plenty of speculation and anticipation surrounding the next playable character, with some fans wondering if Titanfall 2 antagonist Kuben Blisk would be making an appearance soon. A brief tease from earlier this week though suggested that Wattson, a legend who had been hinted at in the past, would be the newest addition to the roster and, well, it seems those theories were correct.

Earlier today, during Electronic Arts’ pre-E3 press conference, the publisher pulled back the curtain on Apex Legends‘ newest hero, who, in fact, turned out to be Wattson. As DotEsports reported, this brand new character will harness her electric arsenal in order to fight her way through the deadly battle royale and emerge as the Champion of the Apex. As a defensive fighter, she’ll be able to create electric walls which can slow down enemies who come into contact with it.

Not much else is known at the time, other than the fact that Wattson is set to premiere in early July to coincide with the launch of Season 2. We’ll be sure to keep you updated though as more info surrounding Apex Legends comes to light.