Apex Legends Might Be Getting A Controversial Titanfall Weapon


Apex Legends players could soon find themselves wielding one of the game’s most powerful weapons to date.

That’s what newly-discovered files shared by serial leaker That1MiningGuy seem to suggest, at least. It’s no secret, of course, that Apex shares its universe with Respawn’s beloved Titanfall franchise, with both titles not only sharing a wide variety of weapons but overlapping lore and narrative, too. While it’s unlikely that fans of the former will ever see the titular building-sized Titans appear (certainly not in ranked modes) in Kings Canyon or World’s Edge, the developer of both games isn’t so concerned with sharing other assets between both worlds.

In fact, almost every firearm available in Apex is a rebranded and/or retooled version of Titanfall‘s armory, and it appears as if the battle royale’s next addition will be no different. See if you can guess what the gun in question is via data mined assets shared by That1MiningGuy over on Twitter below:

Oh yes, that’s the Smart Pistol alright, and if Respawn truly does have plans to introduce it to Apex, well, let’s just say it could prove to cause quite the controversy. For those unaware, the name refers to a lightweight weapon issued only to Titanfall‘s Pilots and, unlike conventional firearms, eliminates the need to aim before firing. Instead, the pistol can ‘paint’ up to several opponents at once which, when the trigger is pulled, will let loose a barrage of bullets that automatically find their target. It goes without saying, then, that should the Smart Pistol ever find its way into Apex Legends, it’d almost certainly be in a heavily nerfed state.

Alternatively, Respawn could simply be planning on its use as part of a limited-time event or mode where skill-based, competitive play isn’t so relevant, but we’ll see. Stay tuned.

Source: Twitter