Apex Legends DDoSers Being Targeted In Upcoming Ban Wave

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players who cheat their way to the top of ranked will soon find themselves handed a well-deserved permanent ban.

As relayed by Respawn’s Conor Ford, a “reckoning” for unsavory players is inbound, with this particular crusade aimed specifically at DDoSers. For those not familiar with the term, distributed denial of service attacks have long been a thorn in the side of internet commerce, especially in the video game space, where the criminal act is prevalent. In the context of online gaming, individuals responsible flood servers with a massive amount of connection and data requests all at once, resulting in a traffic overload either preventing legitimate users from logging in or worse, a total crash of the affected hardware.

An obviously problematic issue, then, and Ford is promising to come down hard on offenders very soon. Speaking on Twitter, the security analyst said: “Console reckoning for DDoSers and DDoS customers incoming. You can’t hide any of it.”

A strong statement of intent, then, and it’s worth noting that this crackdown won’t just target those who provide the means to carry out DDoS attacks, but anyone found to sought their custom. How exactly the developer will identify these cheaters we’ll likely never know due to the situation’s sensitive nature, but it’s welcome news, nonetheless. Apex has been part of an ongoing war against hackers ever since launch back in 2019 and, generally speaking, has managed to maintain a largely safe and fun environment for genuine fans. With any luck, this latest round of bans will further deter those looking to unfairly get ahead from resorting to such acts in the future.

In lighter news, Apex Legends‘ latest event, Chaos Theory, kicked off last week and will be followed later this spring with another. See here for all the details.