Apex Legends Dev Admits Season 10 Character Seer Is Too Powerful

Apex Legends

Less than a week after his arrival in World’s Edge, it would seem as if the latest roster addition for Apex Legends is already in line for some impactful and substantial nerfs. For those not aware, Seer, a recon character similar to Bloodhound and Crypto, proved to be an absolute force to be reckoned with immediately after Season 10’s commencement, largely due to his innate ability to interrupt almost any action.

Focus of Attention, the Ambush Artist’s tactical ability, sees him direct a swarm of micro-drones towards opponents which, besides revealing their whereabouts to teammates, has the added benefit of preventing enemies from healing or using their own character perks in response.

That, combined with a potent ultimate which essentially acts as a short-range UAV from Call of Duty, essentially makes getting the drop on a team with Seer borderline impossible. This dominance, according to software engineer Travis Nordin, was somewhat intentional, though they admit that the competitor might be a little too good at his job in contrast to the existing cast.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Nordin continues to confirm that Seer will receive “some balance updates in an upcoming patch” though stops short of detailing exactly what these will entail. Whatever the case, fans won’t have to wait for the usual midseason update for these changes to roll out, as they’re pencilled in for much sooner.

Until then, we want to hear what you make of Apex Legends‘ newcomer. In agreement that he’s overpowered, or should more time be put aside in order to allow the meta to settle? Sound off in the usual place below!