Watch: Apex Legends Reveals Season 10 Character Seer’s Abilities

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players looking forward to trying out the latest roster addition coming with Season 10 might want to give Respawn’s latest video a watch. Posted over on the studio’s official Twitter page, streamer and content creator iTempp is on hand to provide a brief but informative breakdown of the character’s three abilities. As a recon class similar to Bloodhound and Octane, it’s worth noting that none of Seer’s kit does direct damage to opposing teams, though what they lack in power they certainly make up for with utility.

First up is Heart Seeker. As the name suggests, this rather handy passive allows the Ambush Artist to detect the heartbeat of any hostile within 75 meters, even through walls. The range of this is visually represented with an unobtrusive blue dome and gives teammates the opportunity to get the drop on their prey. Focus of Attention, on the other hand, while also highlighting and marking enemies, does so with a focused blast of microdrones. These can penetrate solid objects and boast the added benefit of interrupting almost any action. Healing, replenishing shields, reloading and even class abilities are nullified, placing intense pressure on anyone caught in its blast.

Saving the best until last; Seer’s ultimate is Exhibit which, you guessed it, is a potent reconnaissance tool. Through the deployment of a small device (which can be destroyed), the surveillance expert and his comrades are able to detect any aggressors which venture too close, with swift movement and gunfire guaranteed to get you flagged when inside the dome. In instances where destroying the generator isn’t feasible, other countermeasures include crouching and moving at a slower pace.

Check out the clip above to see everything in action, or simply wait another 24 hours to go hands-on with Seer directly with the arrival of Apex Legends Season 10 on August 3rd.