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Everything New Coming To Apex Legends In Season 10: Emergence

Apex Legends players finally got their first proper look at the battle royale's next major update earlier this week.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players finally got their first proper look at the battle royale’s next major update earlier this week.

Revealed during this year’s EA Play event, Season 10: Emergence, promises to deliver new content on every front and more, with the headline addition, as usual, being a brand-new Legend. Like Bloodhound and Crypto before him, Seer is a recon archetype and the second on the trot to be added following Season 9’s Valkyrie. While none of his abilities have been officially detailed just yet, anyone picking up the newcomer for the first time can expect to spend most of their playtime hunting opponents down with an army of microdrones that have the potent ability to locate their prey through walls.

Next up is the new map, or rather, big changes to an existing arena. Despite what previous leaks have led many to believe, no new war zone will be available this time around, with the focus, instead, being on revamping World’s Edge. What that revamp will entail is anyone’s guess, though as expected, Respawn says to stay tuned for more hints.

As far as weaponry goes, a new fully automatic, metal spewing machine tool of destruction in the form of Rampage’s LMG will be added to the existing armory which, as many will have no doubt guessed, comes from the brilliant mind of Rampart. As always, Emergence will arrive alongside a slew of cosmetics for fans to unlock by progressing through Apex Legends‘ Battle Pass, either via standard elimination modes or Arenas.

Speaking of which, anyone with a preference for the smaller-scale 3v3 engagements that Arenas offer will be able to flex their skill thanks to the inclusion of a ranked system for the playlist. Presumably, this will work in much the same way as existing progression systems, but you can expect to learn more ahead of Season 10’s launch on August 3rd, so stay tuned.

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