New Apex Legends Map Seemingly In The Works

Apex Legends

Battle royale is arguably the most popular genre in gaming right now, and Apex Legends has reigned among the top dogs since its launch in February of last year. While it took developer Respawn some time to begin churning out consistent and meaningful updates, the game has only continued to flourish and is now regularly renovated and improved with patches.

Apex Legends currently rotates between two maps, Kings Canyon and the newer World’s Edge. Both maps have undergone quite substantial reworks that often see entire sections of the map altered or downright destroyed due to in-universe events. These changes grant players new experiences without requiring them to relearn entire maps, and it’s worked wonders for Apex Legends and other battle royales so far.

However, as the genre continues to expand and gamers invest so many countless hours into these maps, many are beginning to feel bored and exhausted playing in the same arenas every match despite their alterations. There is only so many times you can play rounds in the same exact location before things begin to grow stale, so some battle royale developers have begun introducing additional maps with a bit more frequency.

There’s no confirmation that Respawn intends to pump out a bevy of new maps, of course, but a recent job listing does seem to point to them expanding their current offerings to some degree. The listing seeks a Level Designer who can “create and own large scale multiplayer maps,” which definitely appears to indicate more than one map could be in the cards. It might be a good while before we see anything related to an entirely new arena, but this bodes well for those hoping for more ways to enjoy their favorite game.

Apex Legends recently launched Season 5 and brought some unexpected changes to the loot pool, a complete rework of Mirage, and some meaningful updates to Kings Canyon. You can join in on the fun right now on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.