Apex Legends Dev Now Hiring More Staff To Combat Cheaters

Apex Legends

Cheating has become incredibly prevalent in Apex Legends as of late and players, especially those at the top end of the skill spectrum, are fed up.

The battle royale, which launched back in 2019 and became an overnight success, initially struggled to get a handle on the population of unsavory types flooding through the gates of Kings Canyon despite Respawn’s multiple attempts at curbing the behavior. Barely more than a month following release, the developer publically announced that it had permanently banned more than 700,000 accounts for partaking in illicit activities, at the same time coming down hard on the individuals responsible for selling the necessary software directly.

While stamping out such instances for good is essentially an impossible feat, improved software and heightened awareness succeeded in reducing cheating to somewhat acceptable levels, though it would now seem that the issue has returned with a vengeance. Especially in Diamond-ranked lobbies where the available pool of competitors is far fewer, legitimate players have grown increasingly concerned over the rise of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks and are calling on Respawn to address the situation.

Responding to those same complaints on Twitter, the studio outlined three core changes it plans to make in the near future, starting with a recruitment drive for more staff positioned specifically to distribute manual bans. This will be supplemented by an increase in resources dedicated to the development of anti-cheating tools (particularly DDoSing) as well as investigations into how to better streamline and diversify the methods used to swiftly catch and remove offenders from the game.

While the update stops short of providing any sort of ETA for when to expect the internal upgrades, the statement alone should hopefully go some way in reassuring Apex Legends fans that actions are being taken, so stay tuned for further updates.