Apex Legends Dev Responds To Ridiculous Complaints About Female Characters

Apex Legends

Clearly with far too much time on their hands and unable to conceive of anything productive, some Apex Legends players have resorted to criticizing the battle royale for non-issues. Because the addition of two female characters in a row is simply too much femininity to handle for the vocal minority, developer Respawn Entertainment has found itself addressing such ridiculous complaints over on Twitter, dismissing them as exactly what they are – petulant.

Following a now-deleted post from one ‘fan’ (H/T, Dexerto) stating, “I didn’t know I was playing a feminist game… Might as well just put a pink dress on Revenant,” other, more level-headed users quickly came to Respawn’s defence. Apex design director Jason McCord eventually joined the conversation and recalled a brief discussion that took place between his colleagues on the subject.

We actually had a very short conversation about this…

“Think people are gonna be mad that there are this many female legends in a row?”

“Uhh, maybe? Who Cares”

“Agree – carry on”

Likewise, Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello chimed in, too, adding:

If you’re the kind of person keeping track of how many male Legends there are versus how many female Legends there are, might I suggest an alternate hobby? There are plenty to pick from that are far more meaningful and productive than “Keeper of the Gender Scorecard”.

Humorously, many fans have been quick to point out that the overall gender split of post-launch characters (assuming one considers Revenant to be male) currently stands at 3 apiece, so it seems that the poorly-conceived Tweet that kickstarted this entire debate simply couldn’t handle the concept of two female characters, Loba and Rampart, being added back to back. With Season 7 already being strongly rumored to add another female Legend, one can only imagine the abject torture some idiots will feel as a result.

In other, more important news, Apex Legends Season 6 is now live and adds a whole bunch of new features. See here for the full patch notes.