Apex Legends Dev Addresses Possibility Of Adding Leaderboards


Apex Legends continues to maintain its hold on the battle royale market since launch back in February, but where – and how – can it improve upon its strong foundation? While Epic Games continues to churn out updates on a weekly basis for Fortnite, Respawn has – whether by choice or necessity, it’s not clear – opted to take a slower, more reactive approach to how it improves Apex Legends. Currently, Season 1: Wild Frontier, its associated Battle Pass and new character Octane have been the only major additions to Apex‘s metagame since release, and some fans are quickly growing restless in the wait for details on future updates.

On the whole, Respawn has been remarkably receptive to community-driven feedback, always encouraging its fans to be vocal with suggestions for improvement. Whether through social media or via quickfire Q&A sessions, a plethora of wants and wishes have been directed at the team at Respawn, with one such persistent request being the introduction of leaderboards. In response to one such query over on Twitter, project lead Drew McCoy had this to say:

While far from confirmation of any such feature being added, McCoy’s open-ended response appears to suggest that Respawn is already well aware of the desire for in-game leaderboards. Fortnite, of course, already has a leaderboard system in place and, given how freely developers of both games bounce ideas off each other, it wouldn’t at all be surprising to see them arrive in due time.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to be getting on with in Apex Legends. With Season 1 set to end in June, that leaves fans looking to hit rank 110 in Wild Frontier’s Battle Pass a little over two months to get the job done. To find out whether you’re on track to hit that goal or need to find time for some serious grind sessions, see here.

Source: Twitter