Apex Legends Director Says Season 9 Will Have Loads Of Titanfall Content

Apex Legends

It might not be the long-awaited news of a direct sequel that many have been waiting for, but Titanfall fans will be pleased to hear that Respawn has big plans for the franchise going forward.

Apex Legends, the studio’s popular battle royale which canonically is set in the same universe, has been privy to several content updates since launch back in 2019 referencing (indirectly or otherwise) the former and Season 9 is intended to continue that trend in a more overt manner. According to comments made by director Chad Grenier in a recent Twitch broadcast (link below), the competitive shooter’s next major refresh will hail the arrival of such, though in what shape or form, he declined to share. “Next season, you’re actually going to see a ton of Titanfall coming back into the game,” he teased, lending more credibility to earlier leaks hinting at Blisk being the next character to take up arms in the Apex Games.

For those not familiar with that name, it belongs to a mercenary and major antagonist of Titanfall 2 and creator of the bloodsport competition itself. What reasons Blisk would have for joining the fray remain unclear, though footage obtained by data miners suggest he could have the ability to radio in support from his personal Titan.

Assuming all of the above turns out to be accurate, this would be the first instance of the humanoid metal suits making an appearance in Kings Canyon and a direct contradiction of Respawn’s previous comments that introducing them would represent a balancing nightmare. It’s worth noting, however, that based on the work-in-progress footage, the lumbering mech suits will function in a considerably different capacity here than in their native series.

Whatever the outcome, Apex Legends Season 9 is scheduled to kick off next month on May 4th, so it shouldn’t be long until official details start flowing. Stay tuned for further developments.