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Apex Legends Director Teases Titanfall Content For Season 9

Apex Legends seems destined to get a bunch of Titanfall content in season 9, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Apex Legends

From day one, Apex Legends has always been promoted as part of the wider Titanfall universe. Sure, the two series have a very different tone from one another, but from the game’s launch onwards, Respawn Entertainment have repeatedly thrown in nods linking their two biggest franchises. But soon we’re going way beyond nods, as Apex Legends‘ director is promising that season 9 will see a lot of Titanfall content hit the battle royale.

In a recent tweet, game director Chad Grenier said:

Titanfall was originally unveiled as something of a killer app for the Xbox One back in 2013, a multiplayer title boasting a combination of acrobatic first-person gunplay and mech combat. It was followed by 2014’s excellent Titanfall 2, now with an incredible single-player campaign that remains a hell of a fun science fiction action ride.

Data-mined information hints that Blisk, the second game’s villain, could be introduced as a new Legend (he already appears in the opening cinematic). But if you’re going to bring anything over from Titanfall, the top candidate has got to be the Titans themselves. Being able to drop a Titan into Apex Legends could completely transform the game and may revolutionize winning strategies. It’s very likely that testing has commenced, too, as we have leaked footage showcasing them.

Respawn have to be careful about this, though. Fortnite infamously put B.R.U.T.E. mechs into the game for its Season X, resulting in howls of annoyance from players (rightly) arguing that they were hugely overpowered and spoiled the gameplay balance. That controversy has to be weighing on Respawn’s mind, so fingers crossed they can figure out a way to keep a level playing field.

Apex Legends season 9 is scheduled to begin on May 9th. Let’s hope we get some more info before then.

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