Apex Legends Is Getting A Duos Mode For Limited Time

Apex Legends

It seems those cries for double trouble weren’t falling on deaf ears, after all.

Developer Respawn Entertainment has today announced the long-awaited arrival of Duos Mode for Apex Legends – albeit for a limited time only. The unique game mode, which effectively upends the shooter’s strict three-person squad format, goes live on November 5th, at which point players will be able to buddy up with a total stranger and engage in what will no doubt be some pretty intense firefights.

Respawn stopped short of mentioning how long, exactly, Duos mode will be available for, but if it’s anything like the much-loved Solo game mode, it’ll likely be with us for around two weeks, give or take. Here’s the official announcement, via the Apex Twitter feed:

This is just the latest addition to Apex Legends, which kicked off its third season, Meltdown, earlier this month. It’ll run until February 2020, and players are already getting to grips with the newly-introduced map, World’s Edge.

With 70 million gamers now in its ranks, Apex Legends has truly established itself as one of the industry’s heavy-weight shooters. Word is EA is hoping to position Apex as its flagship property going into 2020 – it’s now a “core” franchise, according to the mega-publishers – so expect plenty of new content to trickle out over the next 12 months or so.

Next up? The Apex Legends Duos game mode boots online on November 5th, and there’s been speculation that this will be the start of a rotation between Duos and the aforementioned Solo Mode, as Apex looks to accommodate as many players as possible. We’ll be keeping track of all the game’s new developments as more information comes to light, so stay tuned.