Apex Legends Players Say It’s Still Missing A Major Feature

Apex Legends Wattson

It’s been a rocky road to success for Apex Legends, but several months on from its explosive launch, the dust has settled and the game has found itself a permanent seat at the battle royale table.

Joining Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to form the big three market leaders, Respawn Entertainment has dedicated the better part of a year to fine-tuning its ever-evolving shooter and, in recent months, appears to have finally hit its stride in delivering the content and features that fans have been requesting. New maps, characters, weapons, events and progression systems – all of these have been introduced to the free-to-play title since February and, while all are welcome additions, at least one major component is still missing.

That appears to be the general consensus among fans, at least, who have taken to social media in order to ask that the studio deliver a long-awaited replay mode. Fielding their request on Reddit, user Officialnochill said:

Replays, Every single game that is in direct competition of Apex Legends has it. Replay and demo systems help content creators massively, without it highlights can only be composed from gameplay and cinematics are impossible. We can’t even take screenshots/video without a HUD right now…​

On top of this spectating tournaments with custom camera views is a no. Apex needs a replay system urgently. If someone could make a graphic/concept that would be great as those gain a lot more traction than text posts.

Make it happen Respawn

The primary issue with the continued absence of a replay mode, says the post, is that content creators on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are forced into using direct gameplay captures that offer little in the way of visual variety. Beyond that, though, letting casual players watch back their performances and take notes is often the best method of improving one’s game, and that’s not even mentioning the obvious benefit its introduction would have on tournaments.

Whatever the reason, Respawn has yet to confirm a release window for a replay mode in Apex Legends (or even if it intends to do so at all), but this latest petition might be enough to make it reconsider. Fingers crossed that’s the case.