Apex Legends Fans Are Furious Over Major Server Issues


Respawn Entertainment’s smash hit game Apex Legends is headed for a disappointing end to the year, it seems.

Released back in February, the battle royale saw an immediate influx of players eager for an alternative to Epic Games’ Fortnite despite little to no pre-release marketing. With millions having since visited Kings Canyon and World’s Edge to test their mettle in the fiercely competitive shooter and frequent updates ensuring the game’s longevity, many are eager to see the developer’s future plans unfold in the New Year.

That excitement has turned to anger in recent days, however, as it appears that major server problems are making seeing even a single match through to completion nigh on impossible. Posting footage of their own issues over on Reddit, user Crouzer7 says they’ve noticed increased instances of game freezes and worse, complete server outages.

Unintended performance hiccups such as these are often isolated to a small percentage of players but that doesn’t appear to be the case this time around. Crouzer7’s thread has since ballooned in size with myriad comments from others affected by the server meltdown, with some claiming to be affected so badly as to make the game completely unplayable. As for the cause of these latest woes, Respawn has yet to respond, and with the New Year looming, it’s likely that much of the studio’s staff are out of the office until later this week.

Whether or not it will deem this latest emergency to require urgent address remains to be seen, especially as connection troubles like these often have a habit of resolving themselves. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as and when any further developments arise but in the meantime, let us know in the usual place below if you’ve been affected by Apex Legends‘ latest misfortune.

Source: Reddit