Apex Legends Leak Confirms Return Of Popular Holo-Day 2020 Event

Apex Legends

Naturally, what with its release just a few hours away, the majority of Apex Legends‘ millions-strong player base are itching to go exploring in Season 7’s Olympus map. Depending on your country of residence, the content-packed patch goes live either later today or in the early hours of November 5th, bringing with it new character Horizon, a refreshed Battle Pass and more costume changes than one person could ever possibly need.

As always, a legion of data miners are on standby, eager to dive headfirst into the battle royale’s newly-added files in the off-chance they’ll stumble upon a treasure trove of secrets, and we’ll be covering all of those findings as and when they emerge. While we wait, however, it appears as if a last minute update to Season 6 that’s so far gone unnoticed has finally been unearthed.

Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash, a Christmas-themed affair held last year to celebrate the holidays, looks all but guaranteed to make its return next month. Images shared by WaterGotHim over on Twitter reveal new badges specifically referencing a 2020 version of the event, and you can check them out down below.

Assuming the reappearance of this particular occasion follows suit with Fight or Fright 2.0 back in October, those who missed the first iteration will have a second opportunity to get hold of various Christmas-themed skins introduced previously, though there’s always the chance of Respawn trying something completely new – it’s too soon to tell, either way. At the very least, fans can expect Olympus, rather than World’s Edge, to serve as the venue for this year’s Holo-Day Bash, as the developer will assuredly want to show off its latest creation as much as possible.

For a summary of what we know about the floating city, as well as everything else coming in Apex Legends Season 7, see here.