Apex Legends Leak Hints At Multiple Characters For Season 4

Apex Legends

No less than every other day, it seems, Apex Legends fans are being bombarded with information regarding unconfirmed future content.

Truthfully, the wealth of leaks, teasers and other tidbits can often prove overwhelming for anyone not keeping constant tabs on the battle royale, especially when it comes to potential new characters. Since launch back in February, Respawn Entertainment has introduced just three heroes – Octane, Wattson and Crypto – to help shake up the shooter’s metagame, but is one newcomer every three (ish) months enough to achieve that aim?

Somewhat predictably, opinions are split on the matter, though even those that believe the current delivery model is adequate certainly wouldn’t say no to a faster turnaround in development time. As luck would have it, then, it appears the studio could be aiming to achieve that exact outcome with Season 4.

The evidence? As if there was any surprise, prominent leaker That1MiningGuy has made some interesting discoveries. Check them out below.

For those puzzled by what they’re looking at, the above is a series of files added alongside Apex‘s latest update. In this case, readers will want to pay particular attention to the phrase “Season4Chars.” Because of the phrase being plural, the data miner believes there’s a chance that Season 4’s commencement will mark the introduction of at least two new heroes, one of which could be the recently leaked Forge. Today’s revelation, however, is far from confirmation of anything, and we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see how accurate That1MiningGuy’s prediction is.

As for when regular visitors to World’s Edge can expect Apex Legends Season 4 to commence, you’re likely looking at an announcement in late December, followed by a full release in the New Year. If the pattern diverges, though, we’ll be sure to let you know. Stay tuned.