Latest Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Potential New Hero

Apex Legends

The latest update for Apex Legends went live earlier this week and data miners have already begun searching the game’s files for any secrets.

Front of the queue as always is reputable leaker That1MiningGuy who, having resurfaced from their latest dig, has posted their new discovery on Twitter for fans to speculate over. The assets recovered this time around are in the form of what appears to be a banner depicting several different heroes. Octane, Mirage, Crypto and Wraith you’ll already be familiar with, but sandwiched between them is a mysterious, as-yet-unreleased fifth character.

Check out the image below:

So, who is this unknown individual and why are they rubbing shoulders with Apex‘s colorful cast? The obvious answer, of course, is that Respawn intends for the fellow to be an upcoming addition to the existing roster. The most straightforward explanation is, more often than not, the correct one, but it’s worth noting in this particular case that, whoever our enigmatic new friend is, they’re clearly still in the early stages. What we see is concept art, rather than a fully-rendered 3D model, after all.

In regards to a potential name, the majority believe this to be Rampart. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s likely due to the moniker being one of several mentioned on a leaked document obtained by one fan in a visit to Respawn’s offices. You can head through here to refresh your memory on that front.

As for the playable contents of yesterday’s update, patch 3.1 marked the long-awaited arrival of Duos Mode as well as a neat new feature meant to help players train their trigger fingers for the countless battles ahead. You can find a complete breakdown of Apex Legends‘ Firing Range and the facilities it provides over here.