Apex Legends Patch 3.1 Adds Duos Mode, Firing Range And More

Apex Legends Wattson

The latest update for Apex Legends has just been rolled out across all platforms, bringing with it a bunch of new features and gameplay improvements.

As outlined previously, the headline addition for patch 3.1 is undoubtedly Duos Mode. Following the successful (if somewhat unbalanced) limited-time run of Solos earlier this year, Respawn has seen fit to bump the player count of that temporary playlist up by one, meaning you and a mate can now air-drop onto Season 3’s World’s Edge map as a pair. With one less teammate to share resources with – but less firepower as a result – fans should expect some time to pass before the metagame comes to rest on which heroes perform best.

Duos Mode is available from now until November 19th.

The above is far from the only new content to be added this week, however. First teased several weeks back via a developer diary, Apex‘s existing tutorial has received an upgrade in the form of the Firing Range. This self-contained arena repurposes the new-player experience into an all-in-one testing ground to accommodate all skill levels.

See below for the full suite of facilities available in the practice area:

  • Can enter the firing range solo or with your squad.
  • You can change to any Legend and use their abilities and ultimates.
  • All loot items are available to play with including weapons, attachments, and hop-ups.
  • Target dummies available to practice aim.
  • Future improvements to come based on feedback.

Rounding out the remainder of today’s update is a wealth of balance adjustments for various Legends and weapons. You can check out the full list by heading over to the Apex subreddit or see below for the major talking points:

Weapon Changes

  • Wingman headshot multiplier reduced from 2.15 to 2.1.
  • Projectile width has been increased on the following weapons to make landing shots easier.
    – Shotguns
    – L-STAR
    – G7 Scout, Longbow DMR and Kraber sniper rifles

That’s a wrap on our end, then, but we want to hear your early impressions of Apex Legends‘ Duos Mode. A marked improvement over Solos, or is the standard three-man format still king? Let us know in the comments below!