Apex Legends Is Getting A Proper Firing Range In Season 3


For a game that places heavy emphasis on individual skill and strategy, Apex Legends isn’t great at providing the necessary tools players require to train their trigger fingers. Currently, the only safe space away from the battle royale’s fiercely competitive ranked modes is its Training Ground which, besides offering a small selection of weapons and stationary target dummies, is intended more as a tutorial for new players rather than as an outlet for veterans to improve their craft.

Thankfully, however, Respawn has cottoned-on to the desire of its fans for a dedicated haven away from Apex Legends‘ usual dog-eat-dog gameplay where they’ll be able to hone their skills in private and without fear of taking a bullet to the brain.

Revealing its plans via a new series of ‘Apex Devstream’ episodes, the developer says it intends to repurpose the shooter’s existing Training Ground into a bonafide firing range boasting all the bells and whistles you’d expect. Check out the video above for a first look at the new feature.

As confirmed and subsequently shown during the demo, visitors will have the option of switching their current hero on the fly and, as an added plus, will have access to their abilities. Furthermore, each currently available weapon will be stocked and ready for testing, as too, will the various different rarities of attachments, shield and support items.

If you’re wondering what use defensive items have in a solo-only mode, the answer is exactly what you’re thinking – co-op. Perhaps the most welcome improvement of all, players will have the ability to enter Apex‘s new sparring area to test their mettle not just against dummies, but other humans, too. Perfect.

As for when you can expect this bumper quality of life update to arrive, Respawn stops short of providing a specific release date, though does confirm it’ll be arriving sometime during Season 3. Not long to wait, then, but I imagine the studio currently has all hands on deck for the Apex Legends‘ Halloween event, Fight or Fright, which is scheduled to go live this week. See here for all the details.