New Apex Legends Leak Reveals Valentine’s Day Event Rewards

Apex Legends

Love will soon be in the air for the Apex Legends community, it seems. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, of course, and as is customary for any celebratory real-world occasion, Respawn plans to rain arrows from Cupid’s bow down on players in the run-up to February 14th. Not exactly the most thematically appropriate event for the dog-eat-dog battle royale genre, of course, but even participants in the fiercely competitive Apex Games should have the opportunity to reveal their softer side whenever the opportunity arises.

And how exactly does the developer intend to do that? Why, with a collection of new cosmetics, of course. Twitter user iLootGames has gotten their hands on a number of images for some of the upcoming rewards, including two Gun Charms. It’s not currently clear how fans will go about obtaining these almost obnoxiously adorable trinkets, but you can check them out via the gallery below for an early preview.

In addition to the above, data miners have discovered over 20 different voice lines for Apex‘s existing roster all themed around Valentine’s Day, with a suitably-themed badge also up for grabs. Finally, a so-called Velentine’s Week Gift will be given out to any players that log in during the event period, though its contents remain a mystery. Surprisingly, no new character skins have been found in the game’s files, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any for sale via Apex‘s in-game store.

We’ll likely learn more of Apex Legends next limited-time event over the coming days but for now, there’s plenty for battle-hardened warriors to be getting on with in Season 4: Assimilation. Released last week, the latest refresh brought with it a wealth of new content and adjustments, more details for which you can find here.