Apex Legends Leaks Teases Giant Spider Invasion For Season 3


Apex Legends players could soon find themselves in need of some potent bug repellent, it seems. A series of leaked assets and image files have given rise to a new fan theory concerning the potential invasion of oversized creepy crawlies, one that, if accurate, will be sure to give arachnophobes the fright of their lives. As for the various puzzle pieces responsible for giving the rumor traction, it all begins with a particular sound bite discovered by data-miner That1MiningGuy.

The clip in question can be found below which, given its designated file name being AB_MIST_SPIDERS, pretty much confirms exactly what type of beast is producing such ear-piercing screeches.

As for how the above serves as an indication of the impending spider invasion due to hit Kings Canyon, one need only check out these (unreleased) spooktastic cosmetics and the lore entry for a certain character.

Caustic is a fierce combatant, no doubt, and while he certainly knows how to use dangerous toxins in battle, it’s not the man himself that produces it. In fact, the gas comes from none other than a large species of forest-dwelling spider up in the Amelia Mountains. Where exactly that landmark is in relation to Apex‘s setting isn’t clear, but the pieces are certainly falling into place. As for the leaked cosmetics, each clearly has an air of Halloween about them, leading many to make the final conclusion that this will all take place in the month of October.

As luck would have it, Season 2 is due to reach its end at the start of said month, meaning Respawn’s schedule perfectly aligns with fan speculation. There is, of course, every chance of this all leading absolutely nowhere, but I’m inclined to believe the opposite. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time Apex Legends has been beset upon by otherworldly monsters now, would it?