New Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Upcoming Paintball Limited-Time Mode

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players currently have their hands full with the battle royale’s latest event. Released earlier this week alongside massive balance changes for several underperforming Legends, Lost Treasures Collection comes bearing gifts not just in the form of character and weapon skins, but gameplay opportunities, too. In addition to Crypto getting his own ‘Town Takeover’ – a giant satellite building has appeared on the east coast of Kings Canyon – new limited-time mode Armed & Dangerous bends the rules of standard modes to deliver a joy-filled, incredibly unbalanced (in a good way) experience.

All of the above will stick around for the usual two-week period, of course, though it seems as though Respawn already has further content in the pipeline ready to fill the inevitable void left behind. Coming by way of prolific data miner Shrugtal’s latest deep dive into Apex‘s game files, yet another LTM with a unique twist is planned to take flight in the near future. See if you can spot the keyword that’s getting fans excited via the leaked file names below.

What exactly this so-called “Paintball” LTM will entail is anyone’s guess at this early stage, though we imagine it’ll involve more than just replacing live rounds with multicoloured pellets. It goes without saying that we’re in purely speculative territory here, but this could well prove to be the first instance of a one-hit kill mode being added to Apex. Get splattered just once and you’re out until the next round.

Whatever the case, leaked content such as this has a habit of showing up in Apex Legends not long after, so don’t be surprised to see Respawn share the first official details over the coming weeks. Until then, however, you can brush up on all the major changes made with this week’s patch over here.