Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch Notes Reveal Big Changes For Octane And Lifeline

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment may have already shot down any hopes players had of Apex Legends getting more character reworks anytime soon, but that doesn’t it’s avoiding making changes altogether. As part of the battle royale’s upcoming Lost Treasures Collection event, in fact, the developer intends to deploy a huge number of adjustments for problem characters, paying particular attention to those currently considered to be underperforming.

Top of that list are Lifeline, Octane and Crypto. All three have struggled to keep pace with top-tier picks such as Gibraltar, Wraith and Wattson – a growing disparity that could finally be at an end if recently revealed patch notes prove to make as big of an impact on the metagame as promised. Achieving perfect balance is little more than a pipe dream, of course, but the following tweaks are sure to be a move in the right direction. Check them out for yourselves below.

Legend Updates


  • Passive
    • Combat Revive now replaces Combat Medic.
      • Deploy D.O.C to revive teammates. D.O.C. will deploy a shield and revive Lifeline’s teammate, leaving Lifeline free to defend or revive someone else.
      • This fully replaces Lifeline’s old passive, including Fast Heal
  • Tactical
    • Lifeline’s Tactical cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).
  • Ultimate
    • Lifeline’s Care Package now contains more items
      • Care Package will contain 3x more small healing items, when it decides to spawn small healing items
      • Care Package will contain 2x more attachments, when it decides to spawn attachments


  • Tactical
    • Upon activation, Stim will remove movement impairing effects.
    • Stim sprinting speed is increased by 10%
  • Ultimate
    • Players can now double jump in mid-air after using Octane’s Launch Pad
    • Players can change direction easily from the double jump.


  • Tactical
    • Deploying Hack (Crypto’s Drone) now takes 1.5 seconds (from 2.5 seconds)
  • Ultimate
    • EMP will now disable Wattson’s Pylons.

Upgrades to Lifeline’s suite of support skills will assuredly increase her pick rate, then, and Octane’s newfound ability to ignore movement-impairing effects should go some way towards making him a powerful counter to Wattson and Caustic. As for Crypto, we’re not so sure that what’s listed here will be enough to elevate his pick rate and we wouldn’t at all be surprised if those shown here are simply intended as a stopgap until Respawn finds the time to completely overhaul his kit as it did for Mirage in Season 5.

But that’s enough speculation from us. As usual, be sure to let us know what you make of all the changes coming with Apex Legends‘ next event in the comments below!