Here’s How Apex Legends’ New Levelling System Works

Apex Legends Wattson

One of Apex Legends‘ most outdated components is getting a major overhaul next week.

On December 3rd, Respawn Entertainment will roll out an update to all versions of the battle royale that’ll see the current account level cap of 100 pushed to a whopping 500. That five-fold increase might sound like an unrealistic bump for the average player, but remember – this strictly concerns account levels, not seasonal Battle Pass ranks. In other words, you’ll have an unlimited amount of time – barring any future increases – to reach the new maximum and this time around, there’s plenty of incentive to do so.

Unlike the current system, which only awards Apex Packs at certain intervals and ceases paying out at 100, the 400 additional levels will take even the most hardcore fans a while to chew through and boasts a completely reinvigorated reward structure.

Similarly to before, once the new patch is live, ranking up will still award Apex Packs. All in all, a grand total of 199 are up for grabs and are doled out at different intervals depending on your current progress. The different brackets are as follows, with those additional Packs added to early levels being retroactively credited to existing players’ accounts upon login.

  • Ranks 2-20 – one pack every level
  • Ranks 22-30 – one pack every two levels
  • Ranks 305-500 – one pack every five levels

That’s all well and good, of course, but without new rewards, what point is there to keep opening the mystery loot caches? Gun Charms. 36 of them, to be precise, will be added to existing loot pools, meaning you’ll no longer be presented with just Apex Tokens. Finally, those concerned that the grind to reach 500 will be excessive needn’t be too concerned. The amount needed to reach the old cap of 100 has been reduced by approximately 5%

So, now that you’re aware of the major changes, what’s the verdict? Let us know what you think of Apex Legends‘ upcoming adjustments, and whether they’ll prove to be successful in the long run, below!