Apex Legends May’ve Started Teasing A New DLC Character

Apex Legends

No news is good news. That couldn’t be more true for Apex Legends right now, at least, which is currently cruising through its third season. The relative silence certainly speaks volumes for developer Respawn, which, having struggled to find its feet in the battle royale’s first few months, finally appears to have hit its stride in providing regular (and well-received) content updates.

The well-publicized spat between the studio and Apex‘s player base over Season 2’s controversial Iron Crown Collection event remains the most recent black mark on an otherwise spotless record as far as overall satisfaction goes, and Season 3, so far, at least, has been a resounding success. Introduced last month, new map World’s Edge and hero Crypto have gone down a treat with fans, but with the novelty of both gradually beginning to wear off, minds are beginning to wander ahead in anticipation of what’s next.

Assuming Respawn continues to follow the same trend as before with Season 4, at least one new playable character is expected to arrive with it in the New Year, but who? Revenant? Forge? Blisk? Rampart? There’s no end to the list of names currently floating about online, and one fan thinks they’ve spotted the first major teaser for whoever it is that’s waiting in the shadows.

You can see it for yourself on Reddit via the link below, but for those unsure of what they’re supposed to be looking at – pay close attention to the in-game map. Just before the clip cuts out, a ‘Signal Jammed’ message interrupts the usual feed. Comments responding to Olmacblacka’s post have been quick to point out that similar static interference occurs when straying too far from the habitable ‘circle,’ though the message displayed in such instances is “Get back in the circle!”

This discovery is obviously different, then, but it remains to be seen if the cause is a result of Respawn’s well-documented love of teasing new heroes in-game ahead of release. With a number of months still to go, until Season 4’s release, we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, lovers of Apex Legends‘ ongoing Duos event have just two days left until the limited-time mode comes to a close. See here for all the details.