Apex Legends Is Getting A Night Mode And Community Happy Time


Just like Fortnite before it, Apex Legends is giving data-miners a ton to do, with the game yielding lots of exciting teases for what Respawn has in the works for us. From new modes to new characters and even a vehicle or two, there’s a lot coming down the pipeline and now, we’re learning of a little bit more.

The guys over at @RealApexLeaks have uncovered new code in the game’s files which show us two pretty interesting things. First, there’s the mention of a Night mode, which has been one of the most requested new features for a while now. It’d be a pretty awesome addition to see make its way into Apex and at long last, it looks as if it’s definitely in the works. Though when it’ll arrive, we can’t say.

The other thing that data-miners have dug up is something referred to as Community Happy Time. It’s unclear what exactly this may be, but you can definitely color us intrigued.

Though information on these new features besides what you see above is non-existent at this stage, they both sound like interesting ideas and we’re hopeful that they’ll make their way into Apex Legends sooner rather than later. Then again, the mere mention of extra features in the code isn’t always firm confirmation that they’ll eventually surface in the game, as they could always be ideas that were just tested and discarded during development. But in the case of the Night mode at least, we’re pretty certain we’ll see it come to fruition.

In any case, though the data-miners may think they’ve already discovered as much as they can in the current code, Apex Legends will continue to be updated frequently and with every new patch comes the possibility additional clues as to what Respawn’s planning, so be sure to keep it locked on WGTC as more surfaces.