New Apex Legends Leak Reveals First Real Photo Of Octane

Apex Legends

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is on the cusp of kicking-off the battle royale title’s biggest week since launch if the latest round of leaks is to be believed. As reported earlier today, it’s looking increasingly likely that the game’s first Battle Pass is due to commence next week, included in it not just a wealth of new cosmetics, but a brand new character, too.

Octane, as he’s believed to be called, has been kicking up a storm of interest ever since hazy leaked images from within Respawn HQ outed his existence, but now, thanks to a source close to Daily eSports, we’re privy to the individual’s reported official artwork. Of course, we’re still none-the-wiser in regards to Octane’s unique skill set, though there’s been plenty of images purporting to reveal what he’ll add to Apex Legends‘ existing star cast.

One convincing leak, in particular, suggests the new addition will have access to a series of passive healing and buff effects when certain conditions are met, as well as an ultimate ability that allows him to place down a launch pad anywhere in the field for a unique method of map maneuverability. You can find the image in question in the gallery below, but as is standard, take everything therein with a healthy dose of salt. Nothing is official until Respawn says otherwise, after all.

Regardless of the current difficulty in separating fact from fiction, the fact remains that Apex Legends is about to get an injection of new content, and given that 50 million players have jumped on board to take part in the month since its launch, there’s no telling how much that number will increase once Respawn’s content roadmap starts rolling out.

If the start date for Apex Legends‘ Battle Pass holds true, expect a slew of new details to spill forth over the next few days. Stay tuned for more.