Apex Legends Player Escapes Certain Death With Incredible Zipline Play

Apex Legends

Despite being out for over a year now, Apex Legends players continue to uncover novel and unconventional strategies to boost their odds of survival.

One such method that’s recently gained a great deal of popularity involves using the battle royale’s various zip lines. As the name suggests, players are able to cross large distances swiftly by grappling to any of the various tethers littered throughout World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, with some even attached to hot air balloons in vertical installments. It’s the latter of these that Reddit user Moi-2 recently used in order to escape the incoming fire of three separate squads looking for an easy kill.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed the video of it here, but you can check it out for yourself over on Reddit.

Okay, so how is this possible, you ask? Bad news first: the manoeuvre isn’t possible to perform – at least to this degree – with a gamepad, so you’ll need to be using a mouse and keyboard. To mimic Moi-2’s actions will undoubtedly require no small amount of practice, but you can attempt to so by repeatedly pressing the jump and interaction buttons.

This will cause the character to repeatedly fall off and reattach to the zipline which, when coupled with constant camera panning, makes anyone hitting you a nigh-on impossible task, especially at this altitude. Playing as Pathfinder, Moi-2’s clip clearly shows the robot being showered with bullets from every direction, though only once does a projectile manage to find its target. To reiterate, don’t expect to replicate the incredible play above with perfection on your first attempt, though it certainly seems as if the tactic is one worth mastering.

Following the recent conclusion of System Override Collection, Apex Legends players are currently between events in Season 4, though we suspect it won’t be long until Respawn has something new to offer, so stay tuned.