Apex Legends Season 4 System Override Event Adds New Modes, Cosmetics And More


Is the honeymoon period for Apex Legends Season 4 finally starting to wear off for you? Well, worry not, as Respawn has just announced a content-stuffed new event that boasts all sorts of rewards and playable content.

Like Iron Crown and Fight or Fright before it, System Override is a so-called collection event which, as any longtime player will know, is where the developer likes to debut sought-after Heirloom items. The term, for those unaware, refers to character-specific skins that usually transform its respective owner’s melee weapon. Boxing gloves for Pathfinder and a kunai for Wraith are just some previous examples, and this time, it’s Octane who’s next in line to receive their own special trinket. See if you can spot it in the reveal trailer above or, alternatively, check out the gallery below for a look at some of the other rewards that’ll be on offer for the event’s duration.

As far as playable features go, new limited-time mode, Deja Loot, is due to accompany the arrival of System Override and looks to drastically change up the status quo that combatants will have become accustomed to. In this playlist, all loot will spawn in pre-determined locations every single time you enter the arena. What does that mean, exactly? Well, if you find a particularly rare or powerful weapon on your first run, it’ll be in the exact same place on return visits every time, all the time. Circle locations and dropship path will also remain static, though unlike weapon spawns, these will rotate on a daily basis.

Last but not least is the Evo Shield. As leaked several months ago, this neat bit of kit, while starting off weak, will progressively evolve as you dish out damage to other players, with the final stage making it even more durable than Epic-rarity shields. While the new metagame addition will be confined to Deja Loot for now, Respawn says it will consider introducing them to standard modes following community feedback.

Apex Legends‘ System Override kicks off March 3rd and runs for two weeks until March 17th.