Apex Legends Player Pulls Off Amazing Matrix-Inspired Play

Apex Legends

Cut off from your teammates and surrounded on all sides by opposing teams with seemingly no way out – just another day at the office for any seasoned Apex Legends player, right?

For reasons aplenty (rubbish squad members, ambushes, miscommunication, you name it), sticking to your crew like glue while competing in the Apex Games can often be a near-impossible task and even counterintuitive at times. One of the most tried and tested strategies in fiercely competitive shooters of this nature is the divide and conquer approach, though even best-laid plans don’t always go as they should.

PrinceBenji20 no doubt knows the associated risks all too well, themselves having recently been caught with their pants down. With no backup in sight and with death looking all but guaranteed, the player refuses to give up and attempts to make a break for a half-buried construction pipe – the only nearby cover. Dodging missiles left and right, they manage to crawl inside with only a sliver of health remaining, whereupon they perform a once-in-a-career play.

Channelling their inner Neo, PrinceBenji miraculously manages to evade a flurry of focused fire intended to put him down for good and regroups with his fellow comrades on the other side. Check it out for yourselves over on Reddit.

Some skillful evasion tactics on their part, then, though it’s obviously not without an absurd amount of luck that the Matrix-inspired play succeeded. Others responding to the clip over on Reddit have mused how opposing enemies must have been using Apex‘s notoriously unwieldy Wingman pistol to have missed so many shots, though who knows. Best of all, Benji clarifies later in the thread that their squad eventually went on to secure the win.

A terrific start to the week for PrinceBenji, then, though this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen unexpected feats pulled off in Apex Legends. Got your own memorable moment to share? Sound off in the usual place below!