Apex Legends Players Are Sick Of Camping Ruining Ranked


It took almost six months for Apex Legends to provide an outlet for competitive play, but better late than never, eh? Released alongside Season 2: Battle Charge earlier this month, players looking to prove their prowess on the battlefield can do so via the battle royale’s tier-based ranking system. Leaderboard placement and overall performance affect how quickly you’ll reach the exclusive Platinum league, though players have increasingly started taking issue with the weighting of each in terms of how much they affect your own personal rank.

The issue appears to largely involve the RP (Ranked Points) teams receive for kills and placement on match-end scoreboards. As of now, just one RP is awarded for scoring a successful kill on an enemy whereas placing in the top three or four teams awards a significantly higher payout. To make matters worse, scoring assists or reviving teammates awards exactly zero RP, completely discouraging team play.

According to Reddit user Broken3ars’ massive post, in fact, players are often seen actively trying to avoid helping or reviving teammates in order to secure any potential RP for themselves. Considering one of the main hook lines for Apex Legends on launch was its team-based nature, this is all obviously less than ideal.

Individually, all of the above would likely be little more than minor irritants but combined? The rules have dictated the rise of a meta where every team is content to simply sit and wait for other teams to duke it out without them ever having to lift a finger. In one example provided by Broken3ars, it’s essentially possible for a team with no more than two kills to place higher than one with 20.

So, how does Respawn fix the current state of affairs, you ask? See below for some of the changes proposed by the Reddit post:

  • +1 RP per match for your squad when you successfully respawn someone. Capped at 1 RP per match regardless of # of respawns. Limited only to deaths via enemy damage.
  • +RP for kill assists or squad wide credit.
  • +1 RP for every 1000 damage capped at 2 or 3. Snipers contribute less damage to this.
  • +RP for kills that scales with rank. Keep kill cap at 5.
  • Possibly have different RP caps and kill caps for each rank.
Would this be enough to solve Apex Legends‘ current ranked problem? Who knows, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to at least try some different adjustments. Respawn has yet to comment on the topic, though with criticism gaining more and more traction by the day, I expect a statement to arrive sooner rather than later.

Source: Reddit