How To Reach Max Rank Fast In Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players celebrated the arrival of Season 2 earlier this month. The battle royale’s long-awaited refresh of rewards and gameplay progression arrived perhaps a little too late for those turned away by the disappointing Season 1 but how well has its successor been received by those still regularly visiting Kings Canyon? On the whole, it seems Battle Charge, as it’s so-called, has been a marked improvement over Wild Frontier.

As was the case with Octane, the headline attraction this time around has undoubtedly been the addition of a new character. As a defensive archetype, Wattson constructs electrical traps and fences to deny her enemies access to buildings and choke points. Entertaining to use, no doubt, but the newcomer still requires some balancing if Respawn wishes her to rise through the tier list rankings.

But I digress. Season 2 represents Respawn’s biggest shake-up to date, of Apex‘s progression model. Like its contemporaries, players can now rank up and earn rewards via completing challenges and quests, of which there are several weekly and daily varieties. Sussing out how best to climb that ladder can be daunting for the uninitiated, however, which is why one fan has taken it upon themselves to provide the most efficient means of hitting level 110.

MakeNiceGaming’s full infographic over on Reddit provides a massive breakdown of all the stats and facts necessary to help you cruise to 100% completion, some of the key points of which we’ve listed below:

  • Prioritize Weekly and Daily Challenges that award a Battle Pass level upon completion
    – Complete each every week throughout the season for 65 total levels
  • Match XP still contributes towards your Battle Pass level
  • Daily Challenges not awarding Battle Pass levels can be used to catch up on any missed
  • +1 Battle Pass Challenges don’t raise the XP cost of subsequent levels

The above might sound time-consuming but fear not. Most, if not all, dailies can be completed in a single play session and weeklies give you plenty of time to tick them off before they’re rotated out for good. Tips and tricks will only get you so far, of course. Once you’ve digested the monstrous amount of information in MakeNiceGaming’s post, you’ll be armed with all the necessary tools to hit max rank before Apex Legends Season 2 comes to a close.

Good luck!