Apex Legends Reportedly Makes Secret Buff To Popular Character


While Respawn Entertainment is generally meticulous in its documentation of changes made to Apex Legends, it would appear as if one subtle but impactful change has gone unaccounted for.

As spotted and thoroughly tested by users over on Reddit, a buff for adrenaline junkie Octane introduced way back in Season 7 may have actually been much more potent than the developer originally stated. Along with the introduction of Ascension last year, Octane’s passive self-healing ability was said to have been increased from 0.5hp/s to 1hp/s.

In an effort to further balance the existing roster one season later, the studio tweaked Wattson’s passive shield regen to be 0.5hp/s, specifically referenced as being half that of Octane’s. Somewhere along the line, however, incorrect information has been provided, as when comparing the numbers provided (the clip below goes into further detail), the latter’s regen passive is actually closer to 1.5hp/s.

Despite garnering huge attention from fans on social media, Respawn has yet to acknowledge the discrepancy between listed adjustments and how they perform in a live game environment, so it’s not immediately clear whether Octane is currently performing as intended – and this confusion is all just the result of a typo – or staff responsible for tuning was a little too overzealous in their actions. It’s equally possible, of course, that this is simply some sort of bug waiting to be stamped out in a future update, but a decisive answer will just have to wait until official word is provided, so watch this space.

In other news, Apex Legends recently kicked off its latest limited-time event, Thrillseekers. For a breakdown of all the new content available until August, see here.