Adrian Grenier Confirms Entourage Movie

With HBO’s Entourage ending this week, more and more chatter about the potential film has been popping up. While making the press rounds for his new documentary Teenage Paparazzo, actor Adrian Grenier, who plays Vince in the show, touched upon the topic of the Entourage film.

I asked Grenier whether or not the proposed movie was still happening. “Yes, 100% it is,” replied the actor. When asked if it would be a direct sequel to the events that close out season eight he told me that he didn’t know as the film has yet to be written, which is what Jeremy Piven said last month.

“What impact did Entourage have on my career? That is a very big question. I don’t know because it has definitely defined my formative years. I was 28 when it started and now I’m 35. I’m very proud to have been part of something that is so iconic — it’s a show that really defined an era. It was really at a time when celebrity was at its peak, and I just think that is what I will take away with it, just having it be part of my life and defining a generation, said Grenier.”

Lastly, the actor told me what he plans for the future. While he hopes to get back behind the camera to direct another documentary, he’s also working on producing a horror-comedy that will be geared toward the college crowd.

Back to the Entourage film though, this pretty much falls in line with what everyone is saying. They all want to do it, and they fully intend on getting it done, they just need the script to be written. So get to work Mr. Ellin, fans need more Entourage!

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