Apex Legends Season 3 Gets Another Cryptic Teaser Ahead Of Launch

Apex Legends Wattson

Wrap up warm, Apex Legends fans – Season 3 is going to be a chilly affair.

At least, that’s what many believe to be the case, judging by a continuing teaser campaign over on social media. To Twitter users’ delight, Respawn has been methodically deploying its hype campaign for Season 3 of the battle royale, leaving the initiative of slotting each puzzle piece together firmly in the hands of amateur detectives. Cunning as always, players have collectively put their heads together and come up a with the current prevailing theory that Apex Legends will finally receive a new map next month.

The lynchpin holding each dangling thread provided by Respawn together is none other than Crypto. Since being confirmed as the next playable character to join Apex‘s ever-growing roster, the computer hacker’s story has been brewing ever since Season 2’s launch several months back. As it turns out, the enigmatic hero wants nothing more than to be reunited with his sister and has been infiltrating the various security systems of Kings Canyon in an effort to achieve that goal.

The problem? His sibling is currently off-world on the planet Psamanthe which, unlike Solace, isn’t known for its balmy temperatures. How does today’s teaser slot into the current narrative? Cast your eyes downwards and see if you can’t figure it out.

At first glance, the glitched image of a dropship doesn’t seem to hint at much, but pay close attention to the file title. New Dawn is a name that’s repeatedly popped up in various lore entries and is likely the name of a new map. As for the ship itself, I’m betting that the vehicle is the very same one meant to carry Kings Canyon’s existing cast to the stars and has been snapped by security cameras in the process. The distortion is no doubt a result of Crypto attempting to cover his tracks.

All of the above is speculation, of course, but we’ll learn the truth in a matter of days, as Apex Legends Season 3 kicks off October 1st on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.