How To Find Crypto In-Game In Apex Legends

apex legends

The next chapter in Apex Legends‘ continued evolution has finally been revealed. Season 3: Meltdown is due to arrive for all platforms next month and in tow are the usual goodies that players have come to expect from prior seasons. A new weapon? Check. Cosmetics? Check. Ranked changes and adjustments? Double, triple check. At the low price of nothing, Respawn’s content production line has slowly but surely caught up to its contemporaries in frequency but it also boasts one additional complexity that others don’t – characters.

One new roster addition every three months might be too sluggish of a pace for some, but requiring, as they do, a suite of unique, impactful abilities, backstory and dialogue, that Respawn has managed (so far) to stay on track with that current schedule is impressive, to say the least. Blizzard’s Overwatch could certainly stand to learn a thing or two in that regard.

But that’s enough digression for now. Crypto, the enigmatic computer hacker first introduced to Apex Legends players earlier this year with Season 2, will finally make the full transition to playable status in little over a week’s time. As a neat little Easter egg intended to tide fans over until then, however, Respawn has granted Crypto early entry into Kings Canyon and players have already reported sightings on social media.

As for how one goes about getting their own first-hand sneak peek of the newcomer, it’s actually rather simple. Once loaded into a match, head directly for the Labs location on the east of the map. Upon landing, head directly inside the complex and search for a set of double doors that can’t be opened via normal means. If you’ve found the right place, kicking the doors will eventually cause them to crumble and grant access to a previously inaccessible room. Turn your attention to the (sadly) unbreakable window on the far wall to find the man in question tinkering away with a bunch of computers.

Apex Legends Season 3 begins October 1st and you can see here for everything we know so far.