Apex Legends Season 3 Leak Reveals New SMG Weapon


Apex Legends is in the best shape it’s ever been right now. Following a rocky first few months, Respawn has settled into a smooth rhythm of development, introducing semi-regular content updates that players have generally welcomed with open arms. The most recent fruits of its labor, Voidwalker, is a story-driven event that explores the tragic history of playable character Wraith. Introduced alongside these new narrative beats are a new Armed and Dangerous limited-time mode and a number of neat additions to Kings Canyon’s geography.

For the price of absolutely nothing, Voidwalker has quite rightly received praise from the fanbase, though there remains one all-important area where Respawn will know it needs to improve. For a shooter, regularly giving players new toys to play with on the battlefield is integral to stave off the feeling of staleness. Fortunately for Apex, its character-driven gameplay contributes a two-pronged approach to variety, though that won’t hold players’ attention forever.

Fortunately, the battle royale looks set to receive a new weapon alongside Season 3 next month. Check it out below, courtesy of That1MiningGuy.

As Titanfall 2 fans will have already guessed, the leaked firearm is that of the Volt. Should Respawn intend for the weapon to be the latest in a long line of repurposed assets from Apex‘s spiritual predecessor to arrive in-game, the Volt would be the first energy-based SMG added to Kings Canyon’s ever-growing loot pool. As with the Havoc Rifle introduced in Season 1, however, don’t be surprised to see the weapon receive a name change and several tweaks before making the jump.

As always, it’s worth reiterating that not everything discovered in Apex Legends‘ files is confirmation of its eventual release in-game, though with Season 3 and therefore new content on the horizon, I’d be surprised if that were the case. Stay tuned for further developments.