Apex Legends Season 4 Adds A Brand New Ammo Type


The arrival of each new season in Apex Legends always provides plenty of reason to celebrate.

For players of the battle royale, every tri-monthly update of its kind is tantamount to an in-game Christmas, with Respawn itself eagerly playing the part of Saint Nick – dishing out gifts and other goodies to the entire fanbase. New Legends, weapons and maps are all par for the course with each refresh, of course, though they’re far from the only changes worthy of note. As with its predecessors, Assimilation also brings with it a raft of meta adjustments and balance tweaks, all of which are intended to once again make each match more wildly unpredictable and exciting than the last.

With Season 4 in particular, however, the developer has decided to make a fundamental change to Apex Legends‘ ammo economy which, if all goes according to plan, should result in a much wider variety of viable loadouts. Continue through the break below for a rundown of how this new loot works.

Starting from now, weapons considered to be among the sniper rifle archetype no longer require energy ammo.

Instead, each firearm will require the use of the more aptly-named sniper ammo pickups. The division, says Respawn, is a result of its desire to rein in the overall strength of long-ranged weapons, with the introduction of dedicated ammo for the Longbow DMR, TripleTake and Charge Rifle intended to make players take more care “about the shots they take and limit how long they can pressure targets at long range before having to resposition.” Each brick of sniper ammo provides 10 shots to any applicable weapon and yes, that includes the newly-added bolt-action Sentinel rifle. It’s worth noting that the G7 Scout, previously considered to be a sniper rifle, has been moved to the Assault Rifle class and therefore doesn’t adhere to the above changes.

How receptive the player base will be to these modifications, only time will tell, though if you’ve already sunk a solid few hours into Apex Legends Season 4, be sure to share your initial impressions in the usual place below!