Apex Legends Season 4 Glitch Is Killing Players Before Leaving The Dropship


Apex Legends Season 4 went live for all players earlier this week, bringing with it a host of new gameplay features. Chief among those, of course, is new Legend Revenant. Fueled by revenge, the synthetic assassin introduces a brand new way to play the battle royale, promoting stealth and subterfuge above all-out open warfare. Accompanied by a punchy new weapon, the Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle, and several major changes to the geography of World’s Edge, Assimilation is shaping up to be a surefire winner among the community.

That is, of course, assuming folks are even able to survive the perilous sky-dive onto solid ground that precedes the beginning of every match. As it turns out, one of the map’s new features – a gigantic Planet Harvester deployed by Hammond Robotics – has started killing players in unexpected (and almost certainly unintended) ways. Respawn, it seems, was a little overzealous when implementing kill boxes for the monolithic machine, with Reddit user RobertChilling being one such unfortunate victim of the resulting bug.

As the footage via the link below shows, RobertChilling and his squad mates are getting ready to exit the dropship soaring over World’s Edge just before disaster strikes. Passing through the energy beam being emitted by the Harvester, all three competitors, including all of those still inside the aircraft, are immediately incinerated by the beam. Now, this could very well be Respawn’s way of forcing players out of the vehicle before a certain time threshold has been reached, but, well, there are far more intuitive ways to go about that, signalling to us that a patch is likely incoming sooner rather than later.

For now, though, you can simply avoid heat death in Apex Legends by dropping into battle before your pilot decides to course correct through a red-hot laser beam of death. Good luck!

Source: Reddit