Apex Legends Season 4 Leak Reveals New Alien Creatures

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players could soon find themselves forced to fend off an alien infestation in World’s Edge.

Data miners iLootGames and Biast12, having recently had a poke around inside the battle royale’s game files, have discovered recent changes made to an existing unreleased creature. The so-called Prowler, an enemy type first seen in Respawn’s Titanfall series, has received a number of new animations as of late, suggesting that the developer is intending to let the feral quadrupeds participate in the Apex Games in a future update. You can check out the updated model via the clip below:

Should they be introduced to the live game, it remains to be seen just what purpose the animals will serve, though it’s unlikely they’ll be friendly to the player.

While not particularly dangerous when encountered alone in Titanfall, the species’ pack mentality means they’re often encountered in groups and have an extremely aggressive temperament. It goes without saying, then, that encountering a large enough group in World’s Edge or Kings Canyon could be cause for trouble during any given match. Given the recent leak suggesting that Legend Bloodhound will soon be hosting his own Town Takeover event, and his affinity for wildlife well-documented, it could be the case that both updates are one and the same, though we’ll just have to wait and see.

As always, there’s every chance that Respawn has absolutely no intention of adding Prowlers to Apex and that the above, despite being the subject of a recent update, could simply be unused content that never sees the light of day in-game. Should anything come of this, however, fans likely won’t receive any official announcement at least until the conclusion of Apex Legends‘ current event.

System Override is available now for all players and runs until next week, March 17th. See here for all the details.