New Apex Legends Season 4 Town Takeover Event Leaked

apex Legends

Apex Legends players who consider themselves Bloodhound mains could soon be in for a treat. Following the arrival last week of the battle royale’s latest event System Override, data miners immediately started rummaging around in the game’s files for hints pointing to potential future updates. Unsurprisingly, said digital excavations have yielded a number of interesting discoveries, including further evidence that a new Town Takeover centred around Bloodhound is on the horizon.

It’s worth noting, of course, that references to such an occasion have been unearthed before, but prominent leaker Shrugtal notes that, following last week’s patch, a number of amendments to the appropriate files suggest a release isn’t far off.

In fact, a specific date of Tuesday, March 31st is now present, though this is unlikely to be the start time for Bloodhound’s takeover itself but rather, the first teaser leading up to its arrival. The accompanying filename “bld_tt_tease_start” (or Bloodhound Town Takeover tease start) implies as much, meaning, should Respawn follow a similar pattern to previous events, fans should expect kick-off to be sometime in early April. It’s worth noting that everything above remains complete conjecture until the developer says otherwise, but such an outcome certainly looks likely.

For those that have yet to experience a Town Takeover first-hand, the term refers to one of three different types of limited-time mode that sees a section of the game world changed in some form or fashion. Octane, Wraith and Mirage are the three characters to have so far received their own dedicated celebrations, each of which has coincided with the addition of several new cosmetic items (character and weapon skins, badges, gun charms, etc.) to both earn and purchase.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments but until then, let us know which Apex Legends character you’d next like to see get some well-deserved recognition in the usual place below!