First Apex Legends Season 5 Teaser Has Been Discovered In-Game

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 isn’t due to kick off for a few weeks as yet but that hasn’t stopped Respawn from teasing the upcoming update.

The developer has revealed previously that it’s already actively working on future seasons all the way up to an eighth, meaning the majority of what’s coming next month is likely ready to go or, at the very least, nearing completion. We’ve yet to catch wind of an official Season 5 release date, of course, though recent goings-on in-game clearly suggest it’s but a stone’s throw away.

Sharing their discovery over on Reddit, user HIRUZENandEMMA details how they stumbled upon a mysterious keycard while going about their daily business in World’s Edge. Concealed in the Dome point of interest, the clip – which you can see here – depicts themselves picking up the item, which bears the logo of one ARES Division.

The name is a direct reference to the shadowy organization first seen in Respawn’s Titanfall series and that which would ultimately subject Wraith to several experiments. Much of the character’s backstory was explored in last year’s Voidwalker town takeover event, which added the Singh Labs location for players to explore and text on the keycard appears to suggest that the device will interact in some way with the leftover technology there.

How all of this fits in with Season 5 remains to be seen, though prolific data miner Shrugtal believes this latest discovery is just the first of a three-part event that will unfold over the coming weeks. Time to exercise patience, then, but if you’ve already got some theories of your own as to what’s on the way, feel free to share them in the usual place below!

Apex Legends Season 5 is expected to begin on May 5th.