Apex Legends Season 6 Teasers Have Started Appearing In Kings Canyon

Apex Legends

Some strange events appear to be unfolding in Apex Legends right now, suggesting that Season 6 of the battle royale could be fast approaching.

Assuming Respawn Entertainment keeps to its reliable schedule, the successor to Fortune’s Favor should go live sometime in August, bringing with it yet another new playable character and adjustments to the existing meta. The injection of new blood alone is often enough to cause an upset to established strategies, of course, though many fans are hoping that a rework to some of Apex‘s existing – and most underplayed – combatants such as Crypto could be in the works. Mirage, for example, has benefitted massively from his own revamp in Season 5, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for more.

As for other potential new content, the conclusion to Apex‘s first-ever story-driven questline, Broken Ghost, heavily implies that players could be headed back into the stars in search of a new arena to battle it out in and recent changes to Kings Canyon seem to support those suspicions.

Besides the appearance of a heavy-duty crane on the OG map, closer inspection has revealed that the machinery has hoisted a very suspicious-looking payload up to surface level. Best described as some form of rocket thruster, the device could be the clearest sign, yet, that construction of a spacefaring vessel is due to take place. All speculation, of course, but Respawn will have to break its ongoing silence sooner or later, and what better way to do that than with a special event that leads directly into the arrival of Season 6?

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see, though you can no doubt expect to start hearing the first official details for Apex Legends‘ upcoming refresh to arrive over the next couple of weeks or so, so stay tuned!